Full Clutch is an outdoor company seeking to innovate the outdoor market.  The company is the brainchild of two lifelong friends and hunting enthusiasts who created a patent pending product called the Slate N Striker Sleeve for retaining and protecting friction calls and strikers. Along with the Slate N Striker Sleeve, the company offers a quality line of handcrafted turkey calls and additional products for the outdoor enthusiast and will continue to expand solutions and offerings as Full Clutch seeks to penetrate the outdoor market with out of the box thinking.

Jordan began hunting at the early age of nine. He grew up in rural small town Michigan. Jordan was in the field every chance he could get hunting, fishing, trapping, and exploring the land learning as much as he could about wildlife. Throughout his career moves, his number one passion…Hunting… has remained strong. His love for hunting that initially started with chasing ringneck pheasants and whitetail deer, ultimately led him to the obsession of calling and decoying spring gobblers.

Dave is a veteran of the military and aerospace research and development industry. Hailing from the same small town as Jordan, he combines his love of hunting, innovation, and building companies from the ground-up into a portfolio of skills that work to keep Full Clutch on the edge of innovation.  He is not new to innovation and currently has another patented product as well and helped launch several drone companies.