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At some point we have all lost a friction call or striker in the turkey woods. Or that gobbler gets hung up and we spend valuable time trying to locate the pocket we dropped our friction call in the last time we used it. Maybe in the heat of the moment we drop our call to the ground to get ready for a shot only to find out later, our call was damaged in the process. We have solved these problems!

"Call Em' In On A String"™

Full Clutch Slate N Striker Sleeves

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The protective sleeve is made of maintenance free silicone and is very easily cleaned between seasons or between hunts. 

Sleeves aid in grip of the pot call while using and create an impact barrier if the call was to be dropped. Sleeves also keep your friction call from sliding around on any given surface.


Quality add-ons to the tether system consist of black split rings as well as black mini carabiner for connection to sleeve.

The other end is equipped with a black swiveling snap clip to keep the system from twisting.


The tether system consists of durable steel wire soft coated coiled tether which comes with 2 extra medium size carabiners for larger attachments such to packs and gear bags or in blind connections.

Tether retracted measures 4.5” and extends to 35” for ease of use while holding the friction call out in front of the hunter and in blind use applications.


The Slate N Striker Sleeve is made to fit any of our 3.5" friction calls and strikers and most standard 3.5" round by 1/2 to 3/4" thick friction calls and standard striker dowels.

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